My Experience Searching for a Welding School

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to become a welder like my father and his father before him. It is a tradition and I love the craftsmanship that comes along with making something completely and entirely with your bare hands. However, now that I was about to graduate high school it was time to start looking for professional schools where I could learn the trade in order to start my career as a professional welder. Using the internet, I was able to quickly locate a view welding schools in Pennsylvania, my home town.

However, I had also been considering moving and relocating to Texas, as they have some of the best TX welding course teaching classes around. I also did some research in this avenue and spoke with my family about the possibility of relocation to see what they thought about the matter. They were very supportive about my move and I immediately began looking into schools in Texas as my first choice. After sending in a few applications, I was selected to the school of my choice rather rapidly. I signed up for my first class, with the help of an adviser, welding class in underwater, and I was so excited that I was finally going to be able to live he dream of starting a career as a professional welder.

My adviser even helped me to look into a special scholarship and pointed me towards reading an article entitled Using the GI Bill to Get an Education and Your Hands Dirty – VAntage Point. I was able to get some scholarships as well to help cover the cost of my schooling and other expenses that were involved with the move to Texas.

Overall, I am more than thrilled to be starting my first semester as a welder student and I can’t wait to see where this journey is going to take me in the future. My parents are even planning on moving out to Texas in the near future. Don’t even give up hope on your dreams, they are possible if you pursue them and go towards reaching your ultimate goals in life.

Health Care Admin Degrees

After moving back from central Oregon where I was going to school to get my health care admin degrees in Oregon, I began debating whether coming back to Chicago was a good idea. I wanted to go back to school to get my degree so I could begin making more money. I started doing research and I found that I would make the biggest bang for my buck if I was higher level Management of Emergency Medical Services R0150.

I found that I could make twice the amount of money going back to school to become a manager of emergency medical services, than I was making at the time. However I was still deciding whether or not going back to Chicago to pursue my healthcare admin degrees in Chicago was the best idea.

I remember always being interested in moving to California. While one day visiting my mom and dad they helped me to realize that I could pursue my health care admin degrees in California rather than in Chicago or Oregon.
So here I am, the day before moving day so excited I can barely hold it in. All I had to do was do a little research and I found out how to make the most money while going back to school.

A education worth planting


I grew up as an only child being raised by my grandparents on their farm. This wasn’t your everyday farm that can found on any ordinary country road in northern Indiana. My grandfather owned a few hundred thousand acres that were used to provide corn, wheat, beans, and several other types of produce that was sold in grocery stores throughout the mid west. My grandfather and a couple of my uncles than handled the daily operations at the farm started giving me jobs and responsibilities at the age of 14. I loved earning money and the feeling I had of being needed. As soon as my homework was completed every day through the week, I would spend as much time as I could working until the sun went down and the work day was over.

By the time I was a senior in high school, I knew that my career would be in the farming industry. I loved everything about it. I enjoyed the fact that other families benefited from what I did for a living. The long hours and hard work created a feeling of purpose inside of me that I will never be able to explain. Being able to witness the different stages of development through the growth of our produce from the tilling of the ground, to planting the seeds, and eventually harvesting the crop in the autumn months taught me that everything in life is a process and is not meant to be rushed.

I also learned that some of the positions on the farm required more physical work and the people who filled these positions did not make as much money as some of the other workers. I loved doing anything that required me to be around the tractors and machinery that we used on the farm. Anything that would give me a reason to spend the entire day around the heavy equipment was one of my favorite tasks. My uncles did not take long to catch on to this and recommended at I should continue my education after high school in the diesel mechanic field which would provide me with the training I needed to repair the tractors and other equipment we needed to use on a daily basis. I do not think I have ever been so excited about school as I was then. I attended a small technical college for 18 months after high school that allowed me to receive both a classroom education and hands on training. As the years have gone by, I have had several opportunities to go back for a re certification course for updated technology. The education I have received is by far one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Get a degree and a higher paying job!

So many jobs today require a college education and a degree. If you are without a degree, do not worry. There are many programs out there to help you fulfill your dream of a better career.
Perhaps you have been working a job that has no room for advancement. Or maybe you are currently in a job where you need a degree to advance. Don’t procrastinate any longer.

Many classes towards degrees can be done online, in the privacy of your home and completed on your own timeframe. If you have a family or a full time job, online may be the step that will enable you to pursue your degree. Some degrees can be done fully online while some can be done as hybrid courses. That means that the majority of the class is online while a couple of the classes are in person.

Getting a degree can seem overwhelming particularly for someone who was not a strong student in high school or someone who has been out of school for many years. Do not feel alone,as many people are non traditional students. They are students over the age of twenty five. Even if you are eighteen or a bit older, maybe you feel a bit apprehensive about your ability to succeed in college. Many colleges have tutors that can assist if you need additional help to succeed in a course or maybe a few courses. There are also clubs at colleges that can help you feel more at ease with your college experience. Remember college can be very flexible. A two year degree can be completed over many years if the need be. There is no one right answer. So go ahead and look into a college program and you are one step closer to a fulfilling career.

Getting an education reduced my stress


Like just about everyone I suffer from the stress of living a life that just seems hard to afford. I don’t waste money or have expensive hobbies. All it seems to take is one surprise bill and what was a good amount of money doesn’t make it anymore. I started to think about going on to get more education when someone I know asked me where I saw myself in 10 years. The only answer I had for them was in the same place, maybe earning a dollar or two more. That is when it really hit home that the more education I have, the more opportunities I have for a better life.

Choosing an education path made me feel better about myself
One thing that surprised me as I started to seriously look at my education options was how much better it made me feel about everything. I realized that I have been living not just with the stress and worry of bills, but with a lack of any real hope that things would get better for too long. Once I started looking at ideas for education programs and degrees I realized I was in charge; I have the power to make my own life better. That was a totally different way to think about things. Instead of having to wait for someone to decide I was worth a raise or promotion I could go get the training and education to show that I had what it takes to take on more.

Getting an education is changing how I understand the world
I also didn’t expect what would happen in my personal life when I started to pursue an education. It wasn’t that I changed, but that I started to see people in a new light. The more I learned, the more I started to understand about the world around me – and that started to change all my relationships for the better too. I can’t say enough about what getting an education is doing for my life and my future. What I can say with all honesty is that for the first time I feel like I have choices and chances – and that is so much better than it was before.